Thursday, November 21, 2013

It's Go Time

My mother always said don't laugh too much you'll end up crying; don't be happy - you'll end up sad.  Yes, she was a glass is half empty kinda gal.  But ding dong the woman was right.

Tuesday we had a meeting at the school about how wonderfully Andrew is doing.  I left feeling hopeful and happy which was my first mistake.

Tuesday night - we receive a notice that he was making finger guns and saying "I kill people, it's my hobby".  They are allowed to play this game at recess called Zombie Chase - some child made it up.  It involves fake weapons, commanders - and a whole lot of wacky stuff.  I don't like it- I don't think it should be allowed.  I'm not an overbearing mother - I'm a mother.  He has anger issues - I don't need to add fuel to that fire.  I think this finger gun issue is a direct result of Zombie Chase.

Wednesday night - I get a call while sitting in the pick up line at school - that a child went after Andrew at first recess and kept saying "let's go - want to have a go at it" and started air punching.  Andrew said no and walked away.

During the second recess Andrew said that the child approached him again and Andrew lost it -- and basically said "it's go time" and went after the kid. Just because the bear didn't bite your head off the first time you placed it in his mouth - doesn't mean you won't keep your head the second time.  Don't POKE the BEAR.  The kid ran - and no one was hurt or struck - but after this occurrence there was no calming him down.  He spent the afternoon in the office.   Andrew is like a Rock Em Sock Em Robot - once he is wound up watch out.  (My husband said when I informed him of the day's events - "I hope he punched him right in the nose."  Yep, that is kinda how I felt - but that would have made things so much worse.) 

I have instructed Andrew that if anyone comes up to him in any way about fighting -- he is to ask to see the principal immediately.  I have also instructed Andrew to stay away from the agitating/run away boy.   I would hope that boy keeps away from Andrew too or at least keeps up his running game.
I am also really concerned about the two recess situation.  Andrew falls apart in the afternoon and putting that much stress on him - is really unfair.  I want him active and playing - but if the afternoon is full of recesses and PE - we're asking for trouble.  The school is working on this with me.  Perhaps letting him sit out the second recess.  Second recess - who ever heard of such a thing?  Back in my day we were lucky if we got one recess.  Back in my day - we were lucky if we had lunch.  Did I tell you about walking barefoot in the snow - and I didn't even have feet?  


Jessica said...

We walked 6miles, In snowm, up hill both ways holding a hot potato! hehehe I love Bill Cosby.

Sorry to hear about this bump in the road. :-( Maybe if Andrew had library time during that 2nd recess. Which seriously, that's ridiculous and stupid. They should have nap time. 2nd recess??? Ridic!

micaela said...

definitely check with them about finding a different, quieter activity for him in lieu of 2nd recess. Shouldn't be that hard to add that to his 504 plan?

I've never heard of 2nd recess but for most kids it's probably a good thing. Hope someone at the school will address that other kid's behavior, or he'll find someone else to provoke.

Renee Goerger said...

I'm glad to hear that this new school is so willing to work with you to best meet Andrew's needs. You are a super vigilant mom and I can only imagine how hard each day is. Two recesses though? That's absurd!
Renee - Kudos Kitchen

Pam said...

When I was in grade school we had a morning and afternoon recess, but hey it was California....laid back, maybe that is why the schools are bad in CA.

I am so glad the school is working with Andrew and listening to your concerns. xoxo