Saturday, March 29, 2014

Hodge Podge

I've been in a funk.  I miss New York. I miss Krista, Joanne, my sister in laws -- I miss going over to Joanne's and having a bagel and talking.  I miss our neighbors Paula and RoseAnn.  I miss Tom and Mary, our church friends.  Even as busy as they were with all their grandchildren they were filling Andrew's need for grandparent figures.

Colorado is beautiful and I love our home - but I don't have, and I won't have, those kind of relationships here.  It takes a great deal for me to bond with someone - I'm much like Andrew.

Jim loves it here.  He doesn't miss New York at all.  He is worried about me.  He said he would move back but I will not move again - it's too expensive and exhausting.  He is happy and Andrew is happy and that is what really matters.  I am use to being a miserable fuck. :-)

I've been cooking up a storm.  I am posting here a few of my cooking groups dinners and a few things I have made lately.

 A variation of Amy Thielen's Brown Butter Rosemary Chicken.  It was fantastic.

My macaroni and cheese with barbecue kielbasa.  This was delicious!

A variation of Amy Thielen's Chicken Pot Pie with Bev's Crust.  Buy her cookbook for this crust recipe alone.  The best crust EVER.  I know everyone says they "best ever" - I mean it!  Anybody want a peanut?  (For those Princess Bride fans out there.)

From Wintersweet Maple Brown Butter Apple Cake.  A few people in our group made comments about it being bland which surprised me but this cake was really delicious.  Very few things WOW me - I'm a hard nut to crack.  But Andrew and I thought this cake was yummy -- we ate it warm with some powdered sugar and a drizzle of maple syrup.  People tend to overcook and over bake things.  I think that might have been the case. I did add a little ginger to the recipe.

A variation of Amy Thielen's fried chicken.  I made chicken and waffles one night and Andrew asked "this is so good - is this what the movie stars eat in Los Angeles?"

I had an idea for tomato basil soup with tortellini and I made it.  Several people asked for a recipe - and I googled something similar --- and found something that sounded close.  Sorry that is how I roll.  I don't have time to write down every recipe I have in my head. I served it with mozzarella en carrozza.

Bagged Caesar salad with chicken cutlets.  This was a nice fast meal one night.  I added sesame seeds and all kinds of spices to the panko crumbs.

Amy Thielen's Peppered Pork Loin (I used tenderloin) -- this truly was fantastic.  I made garlic cheese bread and parmesan, shredded potato cups to serve along with it.

Earlier this month we took a trip up to Estes Park - we saw the Stanley Hotel and then we spent a few hours in Rocky Mountain National Park.  It was gorgeous.   

Well if you have gotten this far - thank you for reading my hodge podge of thoughts.  That is how I feel lately -- lost and rambling.  


Pam said...

Those lucky men in your life and enjoying all that wonderful cooking and everything looks fantastic.

I understand completely I also cook to fill the void in my life since moving to Utah. I would love to make tons of friends but I don't fit in and they do not let me in their circles.

I want and will move back to California only for my daughter; I didn't have the friendships in CA either but for different reasons, wasted 13 years trying to befriend women at Anna's school that put too much stock in how much you had and how you looked.

I'm so glad I have you, you make living here tolerable even though we live in different states. xoxo

Renee Goerger said...

You are such an amazing cook and baker, Jenny! Sorry you're in a funk but I'm sure it will pass soon. I've never moved far from "home and family" so I'm sure that's very difficult. At least your love of cooking and baking will never change and that it keeps you company when you're feeling lonely. That part I understand totally!
Renee - Kudos Kitchen